e shtunë, 19 janar 2008

My troops!! part one..

Now..to show off my Clone Troopers..haha..clones..once you start, you can't stop! geez..how true..
In Clone Wars, Commander Keller is the leader of the special division of clone cold assault troopers. With him, is his snow trooper standing on his right. Got them with a comic.

The 7th sky Corps led by Commander Cody (2nd from right). Obi wan Kenobi is the jedi who led this team to track down General Grievous. Upon receiving Order 66, Cody ordered his troopers to shoot obiwan down. But Obi Wan managed to escaped.
91st Recon Corp. Led by Commander Neyo. Neyo is on the right. Nice head sculpt. One of the more movie accurate leaders available then.
In the battle at Kashyyyk, Commander gree led his swamp troopers alongside Yoda. When order 66 was passed down, Gree had a failed attempt to kill Yoda as the master himself sensed a disturbance and was able to behead Gree before he could even kill Yoda. In pic, From left, Kashyyyk Trooper from Order66 pack, Commander Gree and Swamp trooper. Gree has been reissued to be more movie accurate and I hope to get him!

Troopers from Combat Enginner, 5th Fleet and 38th Armoured.
Trooper and pilot from the ARC 170 Squadron. This was from an exclusive set.
Shock Troopers. Commander Thire with his shock trooper. Also in pic, from Hawkbat batallion, Commander Deviss, who later was promoted to lead one of Bly's legion.
327th Star Corps with Yellow clone trooper and Commander Bly.
Phase I Troopers. The colours denoit the rank with White being a private, Green denotes sergeant, blue denotes Lietuenant, Red denotes Captain and Yellow denotes Commander.

Will add some more when I have the time...many more to go!!

e mërkurë, 16 janar 2008

Marvel Select Venom

Been a while since I got new stuffs. Well, here's the latest. Marvel Select Venom with a scaedy faced Peter Parker..haha. Venom looks cool but there's a flaw in the figurine. His legs are not really poseable. Not much artculation. Could have been better. Spider-man cannot be removed from the safe wall.

A close up look on his scared face..haha..just love the features..but his head a little too big compared to his body. And paint job on his hair isn't that good.
Big Venom. Added to my collection of Venoms. Nice figure, but would be better if more articulation.

e diel, 11 nëntor 2007

Batman & Son and Justice Armoured Batman

Finally, after so long, I got my armoured Batman. Thing is, it came with two handles which the figure is supposed to hold, but I broke it coz both palms are sealed. But well, It still looks good without them and the cape looks good too. I like the mask. Futuristic.

Another purchase is the newly released series Batman and Son. Initially wanted to get Infinite Crisis, but caught my eye on this instead. Nice piece. Especially the cape and the face mold. So far, DC Direct never fail.

And here's an updated collection of mine



e enjte, 19 korrik 2007

Transformers Movie Bumblebee

Finally got him!! After waiting for some time, I got him at retail price!! Eat dirt you scalpers!! Only paid SGD26.90. To those who paid more, I pity you guys. To those who are not tf fans and got him for a quick profit, well, to hell with you! Haha. K. First of all, dig his alternate mold. Camaro 08. Even has the Chevrolet logo! Robot mode, well, kinda disappointed with the head. I mean, where is his helmet? If only they made him more movie accurate. Poseability is pretty good. Door swings like wings of a bee. That's why they call him bumblebee. Haha. Well, original Bumblebee is supposed to be a Volkswagen Beetle. A pity they don't give the license. But, still, this is a nice piece to own.

Venom Animated

It has arrived. From the series Spider-man animated cartoon. Arrived from Canada. He stands at 10 inch. Not really poseable. Has rubbery head. Kinda disappointed as he has loose leg. Well, at least he's a great addition to my Venom collection

Vintage Voltron

Remember these? Yeap. Vintage stuffs. Voltron!! I got the book during my primary school days in 1989. Can't believe I finally got the toy after all these years from a friend of mine. Nice. For those who were not born during this era, well, the story is about 5 robot lions who merge to form Voltron, the protector of the universe. The Japanese are so creative.


Also in my colelction. My fire engines and ambulance from Tomica. Kinda dig the fire engines coz I got influenced by my ex girlfriend. She loves fire engines..

Eunos Roadster

Eunos Roadster. Also known as Mazda Miata. Got this piece last year as the name resembles my name. Yunus. haha. A small piece. About 4cm long.

e premte, 13 korrik 2007

Jaguar X-Type

The X-TYPE is the smallest of the current Jaguar saloon (sedan) cars, and was designed to build on the success of the S-Type, although it takes many styling cues from the XJ series. Jaguar states that 10% of the parts are made by Jaguar, 20% are made by Ford, while the rest are made by subcontractors. This one is being powered by a V6.